Native AOSP ROM compiled – the Smoothie

Very fast ROM with very little RAM consumption for our beloved Xiaomi RedMi. Try it and you will not be dissapointed.

DownloadAOSP RedMI V2.0 (12.05 Updated)


V2.0 additions as per your requests:

Exchange email client added – fully working

Removed MIUI launcher

Added Sony launcher (very light and fast)

gps.conf tweaks – GPS locks now (please see screenshots)

CM File Manager and Apollo Music Player added

CM Wallpapers added

Xposed Framework Installer included

ViperAndroidFX (really good app to improve the sound)

ROM is rooted



Basic Google Gapps included 

Init.d support 

ROM has been modified (single card-single display, dual card-dual display)

Kernel supports Init.d scripts 

Everything works as normal, including WiFi, data, sounds, camera and sensors 

Video recording patched (no more strange sounds in your recordings)

CyanogenMod boot animation added

Sony Honami Keyboard added

Removed all Chinese apps and any unnecessary apps (very lightweight ROM)

Download: AOSP RedMI V2.0


1. Download and place the ZIP file on your SD CARD
2. Wipe DATA/ CACHE/ DALVIK AND SYSTEM (you will lose all your Data)

Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-03-30 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-03-02 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-57 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-50 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-44 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-31 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-25 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-00-31 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-00-20Screenshot_2014-05-12-15-31-26Screenshot_2014-05-12-15-32-04

All Credits : developer andi175

119 thoughts on “AOSP ROM for RedMi (WCDMA & TD)

  1. Hey, I’ve tried tethering (usb and wifi), and it doesn’t work, as ffunes said.

    When I tried usb tethering, (with Windows, two different computers) , some NDIS and Alcatel drivers were installed but I couldn’t use my phone data connection. If the phone is connected by wifi to internet, the computer has internet through it. But not through 3G data connection, if wifi is disabled.

    With wifi tethering, I don’t know the password required to connect to the phone.

    Any plans to support tethering? Would love it

    Thanks for your awesome work!

    • hi mate,

      I was and am aware of these bugs,but the development for this ROM has stopped as far as I know.

      I contacted the developer to tell him about all these issues but I’m afraid he never got back.

      • xshadowhk says:

        Are there any other bugs other than this tethering one?

        I am very interested to try this ROM, but I want to know the bugs in this ROM before flashing it…

      • Well… I don’t want to use tethering with my pc I want to use it with my iPad… so that’s not an option

  2. xshadowhk says:

    Finally I have flashed the ROM. I have a problem with the Xperia Home launcher that some of my games installed on SD card disappear from the desktop or app drawer, but they can be searched out and can run without problem. Therefore I have changed to another launcher. After trying some, I chose Nova Launcher.

    So far I found that it consumes battery a little bit more than the original MIUI, but I haven’t counted the time accurately, so it’s just a feeling. Now I am using Nova Launcher + Xposed with some modules, and I have quite happy with them. I haven’t discovered any other problem other than tethering.

    And I have to say, now my RedMi is feeling “more Android”, and I like it.

    Thanks for the Rom!

  3. The ROM worked fine during a few days. After that the lag appears at every second and make the mobile completely unresponsive 😦 I would not know what made the mobile so so laggy. Any one with similar situation?

  4. Daniel says:

    Hey all,
    Can somebody confirm me if I can put this rom to a Redmi 1W HM2013023 which runs now MIUI 26.0.0

    Thank you

  5. Spectre21 says:

    Can you give me the full tutorial on how to install the custom rom? I’m not really experienced in installing roms

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