Xiaomi Redmi 1 ROM collection (07.07.2014 UPDATE)

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All my RedMi 1 ROMs can be now found by accessing the following link:


I will do my best to update them on a weekly/monthly basis.

List of ROMs available:


Vivo FunTouch OS (07.07 UPDATED) – !!! NEW !!!

YunOS (Alibaba.com OS)

Oppo ColorOS


Lewa OS


Samsung ROMs

Lenovo Vibe OS

Enjoy and please feel free to get in touch or comment!!!


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How to flash CM11s on your Chinese OnePlus One

If you have bitten the bullet and decided to buy the Chinese version of the OnePlus One, your next step will likely to remove ColorOS and flash CM11s on the phone here is how.

As we have pointed out in the past, one of the major differences between the Chinese and International OnePlus One phones is the operating system. The Chinese OPO ships with Oppo’s ColorOS based on Android 4.3, while the global version ships with CyanogenMod 11s based on Android 4.4.2.

ColorOS is the same system that ships on the Oppo Find 7, and has some great features. I, and others, would even go so far to say ColorOS has more in the way of features when compared to CM11S (check out the links above), but as it’s a Chinese ROM it only supports Chinese and English and doesn’t have Google services installed which means a ROOT.

Download CM11S for the Chinese OnePlus One

Once you have decided you want the full OnePlus experience on your OPO and want to flash to CM11S you are going to want to download a CyanogenMod 11S factory image.

Being open source you can download the CM11S factory images directly from the CyanogenMod website. These CM11S factory images include Google Services. There are 3 to choose from, for this how to I used the first ROM option: cm-11.0-XNPH22R-bacon-signed.zip Once download you can begin with the flashing process.

How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus One

Although this process is very simple there is the risk of bricking your device. If you are not 100% happy doing this yourself then turn back now. We won’t be held responsible for damaged caused to your device.

Before you begin we also suggest you make a back up of anything you want to keep from your phone. Follow these steps to flash CyanogenMod 11S to the Chinese OnePlus One;

  1. flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one 1 How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus OneMove the CM11S ROM you downloaded above to the ROOT of your phone. In this case I have named the file ‘update.zip’.
  2. Turn off your OnePlus One
  3. When the power is off hold the Power button and Volume down (volume -) buttons together.
  4. Enter recovery mode.
  5. flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one 2 How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus OneChoose ‘English’.
  6. Wipe data and cache (backup anything you don’t want to loose) and choose ‘Yes’.flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one 3 How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus One
  7. Once the cache is cleared go back to the recovery page and choose ‘Install from SD’
  8. flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one 4 How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus OneChoose the cm-11.0-XNPH22R-bacon-signed.zip file and install, and ‘Yes’ to install.
  9. flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one 5 How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus OneThe OPO should now start to update to CyanogenMod 11s.
  10. flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one 6 How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus OneOnce installed the OPO should reboot showing the Cyanogen logo and ‘Powered by Android’
  11. flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one 7 How to flash CM11s on to your Chinese OnePlus OneYou are now running CyanogenMod 11S Congratulations!

The whole process should only take a few minutes and is much simple than the number of steps might suggest. Now that you have CM11S on your OnePlus One you can log in to your Google account and enjoy all the same features as the Global version of the OnePlus One.

I hope you found this how to useful. Let me know if you decide to follow it and install CM11S on your Chinese OnePlus One. Also, let us know if you have any tips or alternative methods.

Via: gizchina.com

OnePlus One is available now !!!


Thousands of fans are still awaiting a OnePlus One invitation, but there is another way to buy the 2014 flagship killer! One of the most trustworthy online resellers in China, Antelife has the 64GB 3GB White model in stock.


Antelife are based in China with a very good proven track record and have actually shown me physical proof they have had the OnePlus One in stock (although by the time many of you read this I guess those stock to have been depleted).

Important: before buying the OnePlus One from China

The OnePlus One phones in China are sold in batches through JD.com without invitation. This is a proven method for China and one which Huawei and Xiaomi have been using for years with success, it also means that there are many more OnePlus Ones in China than there are elsewhere.

Before ordering the OnePlus One from China you will want to weigh up the pros and cons:


  • You don’t need an invitation.
  • The phone will be in your hands quicker than the international model
  • You will be the envy of your friends


  • The prices will likely be higher than the official retail price
  • The Chinese version of the OPO comes with ColorOS NOT CyanogenMod 11S, however you will be able to install CM.
  • You might have issues with warranty turn around time.
  • So keep these points in mind before ordering.

Head over to antelife.com, and order your brand new OnePlus One flagship today

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CMApps allows any Android device to experience CyanogenMod

If you have an Android device and want some of the applications that are preloaded on CyanogenMod ROMs, then we’ve got an app for you. CMApps takes the hassle from rooting and allows you to have some of the popular CyanogenMod apps on your phone. With this application, you don’t need to worry about unlocking, rooting or ROMing your device. You simply download the CMApps application from the Google Play Store and gain access to some of the apps preloaded on CyanogenMod ROMs.

The applications that come with this app are Apollo (a music player), Camera Next, Clock Widget, DSP Manager, File Manager, Sound Recorder, Calculator, Torch, Trebuchet (the launcher that CyanogenMod uses by default) and Wallpapers. The app is available on the Google Play Store for free. It will only run on Android devices running 4.2 and newer, so realize that it might not work on all of your devices. The app basically works as an installer. You can pick and choose the apps that you’d like to install. Keep in mind that if you want to install the Camera app, you need to be running on Android KitKat 4.4.

If you’re interested in grabbing CMApps, head on over to the Play Store now.

Via: rootzwiki


Native AOSP ROM compiled – the Smoothie

Very fast ROM with very little RAM consumption for our beloved Xiaomi RedMi. Try it and you will not be dissapointed.

DownloadAOSP RedMI V2.0 (12.05 Updated)


V2.0 additions as per your requests:

Exchange email client added – fully working

Removed MIUI launcher

Added Sony launcher (very light and fast)

gps.conf tweaks – GPS locks now (please see screenshots)

CM File Manager and Apollo Music Player added

CM Wallpapers added

Xposed Framework Installer included

ViperAndroidFX (really good app to improve the sound)

ROM is rooted



Basic Google Gapps included 

Init.d support 

ROM has been modified (single card-single display, dual card-dual display)

Kernel supports Init.d scripts 

Everything works as normal, including WiFi, data, sounds, camera and sensors 

Video recording patched (no more strange sounds in your recordings)

CyanogenMod boot animation added

Sony Honami Keyboard added

Removed all Chinese apps and any unnecessary apps (very lightweight ROM)

Download: AOSP RedMI V2.0


1. Download and place the ZIP file on your SD CARD
2. Wipe DATA/ CACHE/ DALVIK AND SYSTEM (you will lose all your Data)

Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-03-30 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-03-02 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-57 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-50 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-44 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-31 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-02-25 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-00-31 Screenshot_2012-04-24-00-00-20Screenshot_2014-05-12-15-31-26Screenshot_2014-05-12-15-32-04

All Credits : MIUI.com developer andi175

MIUI V5 based on Andorid 4.4 KitKat now in beta on the Xiaomi Mi3

Latest UPDATE : MIUI is already recruiting 50 Beta testers for this Friday’s release.

Xiaomi Mi3 owners will be happy to learn that MIUI V5 based on Android 4.4 KitKat is now undergoing beta tests!

Xiaomi owners have been able to enjoy higher than average specifications and frequent updates to the MIUI ROM, but still don’t have the luxury of running the latest build of Google’s open-source mobile operating system. This will soon change though as MIUI V5 based on KitKat is now undergoing beta tests in China on the flagship Xiaomi Mi3 (WCDMA 3G version pictured here).

miui kitkat xiaomi mi3

In this case Xiaomi are slightly off the mark and follow Meizu in to the KitKat era, and aren’t likely to publicly realease Android 4.4 for the Mi3 until after the launch of the OnePlus One phone which does boast the latest Android build!

Latest UPDATE : MIUI is already recruiting 50 Beta testers for this Friday’s release.

Via: gizchina.com

FAEA’s 5″ 1080p F2 and F2S get $100 price cuts!

One among the few Chinese manufacturers to have shown interest in third party development for their phones, FAEA are offering two of their most powerful phones with quite a substantial discount.

The devices — the FAEA F2S and the F2 — are now available for just $149.99 and $99.99, which to me sounds like quite a lucrative deal. Of course the phones won’t have the build of an HTC M8, but for $150 you can’t really go wrong when you have a 5-inch 1080p display, NFC and a quad-core processor on board.

faea f2s FAEAs 5 inch 1080p F2 and F2S NFC get $100 price cuts!

FAEA have been active on promoting 3rd party development on their devices, which is something we really like. MediaTek phones often have to bear the brunt of missing 3rd party (community) support.

It isn’t clear how long the discounted prices will stay, but if you are looking for a decent quad-core 1080p phone at the moment, this might be the time for you to jump the gun on one of the FAEA phones.

Buy your next Faea F2/F2S : faeamobile.com