[Review]The Avantek BC-L6 Bluetooth Receiver – £19.99 @AmazonUK

I was sent this to review by Avantek and give my honest opinion.



I found the Avantek BC-L6 Bluetooth Receiver much smaller than expected, and that is a good thing. It as big as half a golf ball, made out of a good quality black plastic. It should easily fit in almost all cars (that have AUX IN of course). I have tried it with Google’s Voice search and it works great. It should work with Siri without any issues.


One little drawback with the product is that it comes without an internal battery. This means you have to keep it plugged into the car for it to work. A bonus is that the charger that comes in the box is a two-port USB one, so it means you can use the extra charging port for another device.


In terms of design, the Avantek BC-L6 Bluetooth is very simple, circular and black, equipped with a permanently attached wire for audio and power connections.The external wire is about 3 feet long and splits for power and audio segregation.


The Avantek Bluetooth receiver is mountable with the support of a magnetic back. Mounting and detaching is very easy and simple.


If the top part of the device is twisted, it helps to turn the volume up or down or you can skip tracks. By pushing the centre button down and holding it, it activates the Google Voice search on your phone (or Siri). It can also be used to stream music via Bluetooth from a compatible device. I have tried it with 2 Android powered phones (OnePlus One and a Xiaomi Redmi 2) and it works great.

The sound quality when on the phone or when listening to music is really great, with no stutter or interruptions. The Avantek BC-L6 is priced at just £19.99 which means that as a whole, this gadget is worth buying.

Conclusion :The AVANTEK Portable Bluetooth Receiver comes with more features than many similar products and a clever means of remotely controlling playback from your phone, but it will involve running wires to a power outlet and an auxiliary input in a car.

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[REVIEW] Avantek’s Magic Cube Bluetooth Speaker

magic cube

I won this speaker through one of Avantek‘s many social media competitions and have to admit I wasn’t really happy with the prize. Why, you ask?!?

Because I found Bluetooth speakers under £20 to be absolutely rubbish until now. They lack the power, the bass or simply have really bad quality components.

magic cube 2

The Avantek Magic Cube is very different. This speaker works with all devices that transfer sound via Bluetooth or with a 3.5 mm audio cable, smartphones (iPhones or Androids), iPads and any other tablets, most MP3 players, laptops and computers, game consoles, you name it. If it has a 3.5mm audio jack or is Bluetooth compatible, the speaker will work great.

I used the speaker mostly in the office and a couple of times in the garden while enjoying the sun and a pint. 🙂 The sound is always clear without any distortion, even while listening at full volume. This speaker is LOUD, much louder than you think.

Avantek says that the Magic Cube is capable of playtime of up to 20 hours at moderate volumes on a single charge; I can tell you that I’ve only charged the speaker once in a week and a half and have listened to it daily for about 4-5 hours at a time at a moderate volume. I’d say that is pretty good.


magic cube 3

The Magic Cube apparently has a built-in microphone that allows you to answer incoming calls wireless-ly and hold hand-free conversations if your phone is connected to it. I have to admit, I didn’t use this function yet, but it should work effortlessly.

magic cube 4

My work colleagues found the speaker brilliant too, so brilliant that I already ordered another 2 for them 🙂

In conclusion, this £20 speaker looks good, sounds great (like a much more expensive one) and is really easy to use.,

Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed.

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Avantek DT61 Doorbell Review

This plug-in wireless doorbell from Avantek was sent to me as part of a Facebook promotion. I have tested other different Avantek products, but never would’ve thought I will test a doorbell. 🙂

The doorbell comes in the usual Avantek packaging, made out of recycled cardboard. The box is sturdy and looks well made. Inside the box you will find a wireless receiver, 1 transmitter, a double sided adhesive pad, some screws and the instruction manual.


The product boasts the following features :48 music chimes and 4 level adjustable volume A range of up to 200m for the remote Low power consumption. Very sleek design with blue LEDs.

The doorbell just plugs into a normal 3 pin UK socket. The chimes are pretty nice, but have to admit they all sound a bit alike to me. Nevertheless I’m sure everybody can find a tune to like. The volume level adjustment works great and found that even at level 2 the doorbell was loud enough to hear while watching TV.

I have not tried the up to 200m range, but tried using the remote from the back garden, about 50m away and the doorbell rang without any problems. I personally don’t understand why anybody would have a doorbell 200m away?!?!

One thing, I found tricky was opening the remote to remove the plastic strip between the battery and the contacts. Just make sure you have a small flat screwdriver and carefully separate the 2 pieces of the remote. Also, the battery is one that I’ve never seen before, a 12V, 23A battery, but I’m hoping this will last a long time.

I installed the remote just by using the adhesive pad that comes in the box and applied it to my PVC front door frame. If needed, there are also screw fixings in the box for fitting to a wooden frame.

All in all this is a good looking and very easy to setup and fit doorbell.



Highly recommended, especially for the price.

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