[REVIEW] AVANTEK Universal Phone Car Windshield Holder


I have had almost every car phone holder under the sun. I always had to look for a new one every few months, because they either broke… or didn’t keep my phone safe… or the adhesive or suction pad didn’t work properly.


Now, this Avantek product was more expensive than any of the previous holders, but I have to admit when I opened the box (which looks really well made) was pleasantly surprised. The plastic looks sturdy and very good quality.

I bought it because, I needed a new holder for my OnePlus One phone, a 5.5″ phablet, that didn’t fit in the old holder.


The holder has this nice rubbery baby skin like finish, and it just grips the phone perfectly. It really has no problem with bigger phones. See photo above. To open the holder, you press a button on the back of the holder, that opens the sides almost like it’s electric, in slow-mo. 🙂 Super cool feature !!! Push the sides firmly and you are ready to go. Done, your phone is now secured.


I have used it every day for more than a week, and not once the holder failed.

Another thing I like about the holder is the suction pad, is one of those ones that you can wash if the pad gets dirty, and the pad becomes as sticky as the first time you opened the box.


All in all, I haven’t found any bad points with this holder. £10 well spent. 😉

Highly recommended. You can buy the holder today from Avantek’s UK Amazon shop


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