[NEWS] #OnePlus ROM could be called OneOS

As you probably already knew OnePlus asked their fans to help them find a new name for their own in-house built OS.

Here at OnePlus, we care deeply about giving our fans the best possible user experience, and we believe that an emphasis on openness and customization is a big, big part of that. That’s why we officially support rooting and flashing custom ROMs on the OnePlus One without affecting your warranty. It’s also why we test and release builds of alternative ROMs for use on the OnePlus One on our forums.

We know that the best choice for you is the one that you make for yourself, and that idea is at the core of everything we do. From the beginning, we’ve asked our fans to “Never Settle,” and we stand by that ideology. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level.

As you may have heard, we are developing our own custom ROM in-house — just one more option for those who refuse to compromise. We promise that it will be close to stock, bloat-free, and highly customizable; we wouldn’t ask you to settle for anything less. What you may not know, though, is that our first community build will be released soon. Much sooner than you likely expected.

After the votes were entered, 10 finalists were chosen:

Opus — ahighfield — Hong Kong — 12/17/2014 17:12:27

Nomad OS — greatbubba — Sweden — 12/17/2014 17:19:32

CosmOS — Tuqano — Italy — 12/17/2014 19:13:09

Muse — redm — USA — 12/18/2014 9:17:06

Karma — coldcatt — Canada — 12/18/2014 10:17:19

OnePlus ROM — TakeMyMoney — Netherlands — 12/17/2014 16:31:23

StratOS — Deidara — Mexico — 12/18/2014 3:49:52

Carbon — Thijs — Belgium — 12/17/2014 18:08:32

ElementOS — Talon918 — India — 12/17/2014 23:38:11

DaVinci — martina.seno — Italy — 12/17/2014 21:04:23

Now here comes the really BIG news, according to the official Chinese forum, OnePlus VP, Liu Zuohu has said that choosing one of the above names would prove pretty difficult, because of trademark and copyright issues.

Liu Zuohu then says: “So in the end we found OneOS is the “best” name, but many people would argue is the most unoriginal name.” Bing Translation

What do you think?!? Is the name OneOS too boring or do you think it is just perfect, because it is so simple?!?



One thought on “[NEWS] #OnePlus ROM could be called OneOS

  1. Jin ho Yang says:

    I like this name. Because it’s very simple and appearing for one plus one properly. I think it will becoame brilliant rom for one plus one user.

    P.S I already thank to iuni rom that you ported. Thank you ones again to launch this project.

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