[NEWS] When #OnePlusOne met the JBL E1+ ;)

Full-spectrum, JBL-quality Sound

The JBL E1+ Earphones are designed to deliver the most intense and pleasurable sound experience. Submerge into your music and hear expansive sounds created by the premium 9mm JBL drivers with PureBass technology. The E1+ serve massive bass, while ensuring crystal clear sounds through the entire frequency spectrum. Its dynamic, full-range frequency response will fulfill all your mobile audio needs.

Customized for OnePlus, Made for You

With its distinct OnePlus Red styling and flat cables, the JBL E1+ Earphones enlist a design language consistent with that of the One. Pair them with your OnePlus One to express your unwavering belief in the Never Settle vision.

OnePlus × JBL

As one of the leading audio brands in the world with almost 70 years of legendary innovations and achievements, JBL was a natural choice as a collaborator for our next audio accessory. With a passion for distinguished sound, JBL’s professional audio systems are hosted in countless arenas and cinemas globally, including Brazil’s FIFA World Cup stadiums. Bringing the same unparalleled quality to the JBL E1+ Earphones, our latest collaboration will deliver all the powerful sounds that the OnePlus One has to offer.
























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