#OnePlusOne Invites Winners #NEVERSETTLE


Thank you to all of you who participated!!! Many thanks guys! Sorry I don’t have more invites.



10 thoughts on “#OnePlusOne Invites Winners #NEVERSETTLE

  1. Sam says:

    OK got my invite, great very pleased :o) How long will they take to deliver once I place my order today?

  2. Sam says:

    Update: When I get to checkout it tells me it can’t be shipped to my address here in Scotland!?!?!?! Also says item is out of stock :o( HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sam says:

    How are folks doing with their orders? Mines been processing for two days so hopefully have it by the end of the week judging by what I’m reading on the OPO forums 🙂 Have to say that I’ve not been this excited to get my mits on a new piece of kit since my RAZR three phones ago!

      • Sam says:

        Came today & have to say, really really pleased with the look & feel of it. Not much time to play other than unlock the bootloader, install custom recovery & root, oh & update to latest CM 🙂 Tomorrow will shift everything from my current phone. Thanks again for the invite! BTW, what screen protection you using? Got a tempered glass one but was such a pain to fit & it’s now in the bin LOL 😀

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