Just sharing with you , if anybody is interested, a Beta version of MIUI for the OnePlus One.

I flashed it successfully on my International OnePlus One and am running it right now.

ALL CREDITS GO TO ID这么难么的个人空间 (miui.com developer). You can see the original thread here:


My changes (Beta 2 released 28.07)

  • added Apollo Player
  • added fully working CM11S camera
  • added AudioFX (works perfectly with Apollo or Google Play Music)
  • removed Chinese apps
  • removed Sougou keyboard and Baidu apps
  • added Sony Honami Keyboard
  • a few minor build.prop changes
  • ROM is already rooted, the MIUI permission manager works perfectly

How to flash

  1. Download OnePlus_MIUI2.0_BETA2.zip and copy to your phones storage
  2. Download the Gapps package and copy to your phones storage
  3. Unlock bootloader and acquire custom recovery from here: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/…oader-install-custom-recovery-and-root.64487/
  4. Reboot into recovery
  5. Wipe data, cache, dalvik cache and sytem
  6. Install OnePlus_MIUI2.0_BETA.zip
  7. Reboot your phone and setup the MIUI account
  8. Restart back into recovery and flash Gapps
  9. Wipe Cache and Dalvik
  10. Reboot into system
  11. Enjoy MIUI

Screenshots (Mega folder link)

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you happy there is a MIUI ROM already?

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3 thoughts on “[ROM] MIUI for ONEPLUS ONE – BETA 2 JUST UPLOADED ;) !!!

  1. Sam says:

    Been looking at this phone on Antelife – is it your daily driver? If it is, how do you find build quality, speed & smoothness & 4G connectivity? Also, know it’s relatively cheap but you aware of any deals going at the moment? Tempted as it’s either this or a Mi4 🙂

    • Hi mate, yes it is. This is by far the best phone I ever owned. Everything works, camera is great, the sound is mind blowing and the connectivity is great too. 3G and 4G work great for me here in the UK, I’m on 3 UK.

      Antelife have the 64gb Sandstone Black at the moment for less then what you would pay from OPO direct. My brother just bought one 🙂 just £260.
      use the link below: http://goo.gl/F67FV3 and code “antelife2014uk” to get an extra $5 OFF the price

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