How to get native root for your Redmi Note (WCDMA/TD) via Recovery (Updated for 23.0)


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This simple step-by-step guide is based on the approach taken for Redmi 1S, but of course adapted for Redmi Note.
It has been successfully tested on Redmi Note TD by @B2204 with MIUI JHECNBA17.0 and on Redmi Note WCDMA by @discodave with MIUI JHDCNBE23.0.

It does NOT rely on a program like VRoot.exe running on your Windows computer; only one or two zip files are installed via the built-in recovery of Redmi Note.


  • This is a safe process, but I am not responsible for anything bad that happens to your phone
  • After enabling root with this approach the system cannot be upgraded by OTA
  • But you can upgrade by installing again the stable version via recovery without wipe; after this root is gone and you can upgrade to a new firmware and most probably execute the same steps to root again

By flashing the attached zip files via recovery the su binary gets installed, proper permissions are set and the MIUI version number x.0 is appended to x.0.1 so that the firmware behaves like a developer version and unlocks the stock root.
Root can then be turned on in Security app -> Permissions -> Root permission.


  • Redmi Note with stable MIUI ROM (JHECNBA17.0 / JHDCNBA17.0;  JHDCNBE23.0 / JHECNBE23.0)
  • Developer options activated (in Settings -> About phone tap 5 times on Android version)
  • SD card inserted in your Redmi Note (and properly formatted inside Redmi Note)
  • Stock Android system recovery <3e>

Preparation steps:

  • Download the following two files on your PC (because download via Browser on phone often is not working properly)
    – [only necessary for stable version 23.0] (attached below) (attached below)
  • Connect your Redmi Note via USB, choose ‘Files’ mode from notification shade for ‘Connected via USB’
  • Copy the files and to the folder ‘Computer\HM Note 1TD\SD card’ (root of external SD card)
  • Disconnect your Redmi Note properly from PC (use ‘Safely remove hardware…’) (192.57 KB) (1.29 MB, Downloads: 871)

Perform the following steps for stable MIUI version 23.0 first with the file and then again with the file (it is even not required to reboot after updating the first file). For stable MIUI version 17.0 it is only required to perform the steps once with the file

Update steps:

  • Launch Updater app, press menu/options button and from menu choose ‘Reboot to recovery mode’
  • After reboot into recovery a picture of an Android lying in repair mode is shown, press the Power button to show the recovery menu
  • Navigate in the recovery menu with button ‘Volume Down’ until the entry ‘apply update from sdcard‘ is highlighted and press ‘Volume Up’ button to select the entry
  • Select during first cycle the file (during second cycle through the steps the file which you copied before to your SD card: again navigate with button ‘Volume Down’, select with ‘Volume Up’
  • Some output is shown during the update describing the progress
  • After successful update navigate back to the main menu of the recovery
  • Select ‘reboot system now’

Post check and activation steps:

  • Check that in Settings -> About phone the MIUI version number x got extended by adding x.1
  • Go to Security app -> Permission and activate Root permission
  • Enjoy your rooted Xiaomi Redmi Note

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4 thoughts on “How to get native root for your Redmi Note (WCDMA/TD) via Recovery (Updated for 23.0)

  1. Hi again, I was wondering if this phone would work in the UK? Like would the network frequencies in the UK work with the redmi note? I’ve tried researching but it seems I’m searching the wrong thing D:


    • It works on all UK 3G networks. I had a Redmi 1 and now soon a Redmi 1S. All work great with 3uk, Lyca mobile, Orange and even tried O2.

      Don’t forget to bookmark my blog !!!

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