How to get Root for Redmi 1S WCDMA

This simple step-by-step guide is based on the procedure for Mi3 from @Helgo9 but of course adapted for Redmi 1S. It has been successfully tested on Redmi 1S WCDMA by @imranz with JHCCNBD23.0 and by @matthi with JHCCNBD24.0, furthermore by @adinovic on Redmi 1S CDMA with JHCCNBD23.0. Many thanks go to @sta-s2z.


  • Redmi 1S with stable MIUI ROM
  • Stock MI-Recovery 2.0.1
  • file (attached) (1.26 MB) 

By flashing the attached zip file via recovery the already existing su binary gets the proper permissions and the MIUI version number x.0 is appended to x.0.1 so that the firmware behaves like a developer version and unlocks the stock root.

Root can then be turned on in Security app -> Permissions -> Root permission.


  • Download the file to your PC (because download via browser on phone often is not working properly)
  • Connect your Redmi 1S via USB
  • Copy the file to the folder ‘Computer\HM 1S\Internal storage’ (root of internal storage)
  • Disconnect your Redmi 1S properly (‘Safely remove hardware…’)
  • Boot into Mi-Recovery
  • Select and confirm ‘English‘ (or Chinese if you are capable to understand)
  • Select and confirm ‘Install to System‘, this will take one second
  • Select and confirm ‘Reboot’
  • After reboot go to Security app -> Permissions and activate Root permission
  • Enjoy your rooted Redmi 1S


  • This is a safe process, but I am not responsible for anything bad that happens to your phone
  • After receiving ROOT the system cannot be upgraded by OTA
  • But you can upgrade the firmware by flashing the stable version again without wipe, after this the root is gone and you can updgrade to new firmware and most probably execute the root steps from above again

Credits to AndroidFuchs from


20 thoughts on “How to get Root for Redmi 1S WCDMA

  1. Aswin P K says:

    Hi Thanks for the root.. is there any cyonogenmode roms for Hongmi 1S WCDMA version? for the snapdragon processor one ?

  2. Bookmarked too. Already have my Redmi 1S, and it’s very good.But there is an Galaxy S Plus with Cyanogen and Android 4.4.2 at my side too and at the moment, there is no difference in terms of speed and usability (except battery.) Much room for improvement. 🙂

  3. Miew says:

    after i root.. the security their don have permission root even version expanded to 0.1.. i try with 23.0 and 24.0 to 0.1

  4. Zyca says:

    Even completing the process and enabling root in permission, apps (such titanium backup) keep say i’m no root… :\

  5. Zyca says:

    I just fixed it. Solution came by downloading a new version of the from miui hongmi 1s site, the author itself declared the first one had something missing at the SU part of the root process.

    So i did the unroot process, rooted again with the updated and everythink went just fine.

    Hope it helps!

    • Exactly, I knew that and that’s why I asked. We only realised the issue after the the new stable 29 became available. The previous method still works on all previous versions.
      Will update the post tomorrow with the new ZIP and more info about this.

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