Mi.com: new name of Xiaomi

Mi.com. It is the new domain name that will represent Xiaomi in a bigger global stage from today on.

We are Mi.com for our domestic online store, Mi.com/en for our English website and Mi.com/sg/ for our Singapore online store. This domain name, fresh and shorter, will connect Xiaomi with our Mi fans around the world more closely.

Lin Bin, co-founder and VP of Xiaomi expressed his satisfaction with the new name. “With a shorter name, we are one step closer to a bigger world. Starting today, we have a new global home: mi.com. “

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi teased the high cost of the domain name on his Weibo page. “Mi.com must be the most expensive domain name EVER in the history of Internet Industry of China!”

As a Chinese start-up, we are not confined to mainland China, but will also set our feet on other lands of the world. Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Singapore have been the first destinations we arrive in. According to the statistics at the end of 2013, there were more than 30 million MIUI users from home and abroad. Overseas MIUI users account for 2 million around the globe, coming from 118 countries and areas. Mi fans around the world have set up 22 fan sites internationally. With the solid reputation we build and the trust our Mi fans show to us, we are definitely heading for new international markets in the future.

Xiaomi(or better yet, Mi) will rock the world.



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