CyanogenMod RedMi WCDMA BETA


This is real CM10.2 for our Xiaomi Hongmi (this is not a themed to look like CyanogenMod ROM). This is the real deal, based on Android 4.3.1, from an unofficial ported ROM, so there are bugs, like back and settings button don’t work, only home button does.

I have tried it for a few days, and have to say I am really impressed. Seeing that there is already a CM11 ROM in the making for a MT6589 mobile, I am sure that this CM beta will have it’s bugs squashed in no time.

But, for now, download and enjoy a bit of cyanogenmod on our RedMi.

Known bugs: One SIM card only (3G), Camera not working, Bluetooth not working, Mobile Assistant bug

Working:               WiFi/ Data and sensors, all sounds and CM themes. ROOT privileges, Sony Honami Keyboard, the system is very smooth and small memory

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10 thoughts on “CyanogenMod RedMi WCDMA BETA

  1. marcel201 says:

    Flashed yesterday, it’s quite good, many many options but restored note3 rom, i hope they fix those bugs.

  2. Kamil10p says:

    How do you make it without kernel sources? Please say me. I want to port others rom. Maybe you should make an instruction for all people. It will be very helpfull. 🙂

  3. Maddog says:

    Wow, if they get it done, it would be great. I used to have CM on my HTC One X (until i smashed its display during bike accident :-/), it was million times better than stock Sense crap.

    • as far as I know the development for CM on Redmi has stopped. the Chinese developers found too may bugs, but if things change you guys will be the first to know.

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