Xiaomi Hongmi (RedMi) Roms – UPDATED 24.04 – YunOS ADDED

All my RedMi ROMS can be now found by accessing the following link:


I will do my best to update them on a weekly/monthly basis.

List of ROMs available:

YunOS (Alibaba.com OS)

Oppo ColorOS


Lewa OS


Samsung ROMs

Lenovo Vibe OS

Vivo FunTouch OS

Enjoy and please feel free to get in contact or comment!!!


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55 thoughts on “Xiaomi Hongmi (RedMi) Roms – UPDATED 24.04 – YunOS ADDED

  1. turan says:

    can we make video calls without internet in this rom? I mean video calls by 3G?? is it possible in any custom rom for hongmi?

  2. turan says:

    hi, I installed note 3 rom and testing it. Can you write a new a post and we discuss the experiences in there. I installed it without problem. I can make some modifications on toggles color and I share with you. I noticed that touch vibration is high level. Can we decrease it? and also we cant change lock screen wallpaper. How can we change it? I will carry on sharing my experience about it. thanks

    • Hello mate, I will look at it again this week, in the meantime I suggest you try the Lewa OS ROM from my mega folder. That has video call through the phone app, but I can’t test it, my sim doesn’t support it.

      • marcel201 says:

        So, i’ve tried to flashit but gave me this error in TWRP:
        set_perm: some changes failed
        E:Error executing updater binary in zip ‘/sdcard/ROMS/RedMi S4.zip’
        Error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/ROMS/RedMi S4.zip’

  3. sorry mate, I don’t understand anymore. Does the ROM from ROMZJ.com work, does it flash properly? I did not flash it on my phone. Did you try the Lewa Rom?

  4. marcel201 says:

    Sorry, i can’t acces ROMZJ.com i don’t know why. Now downloading the lewa os but i really wanted to make the redmi s4 rom to work….

  5. Sam says:

    Three ROMs in the Lewa OS folder, last one dated 05/04/14 – that the one to download? Brilliant work by the way, all of it :o)

  6. basic gapps included, so you can add a Google account, but no Playstore. I suggest flashing the miuiandroid gapps package that you can download from my Mega>MIUI folder.

  7. Arien says:

    Hi again mate.
    Can you please tell where did you found the new AOSP ROM attached to Mega last 04-14?
    Is that a real AOSP or it’s ported from another model?

  8. Hello techpunk,

    saw your post. A good one to gather all the ROMs for Redmi and post here. .
    Maybe you can add some tags like [WCDMA] and [GAPPS] [20140405]
    or things like that at your post. so it would be easier for us to try the rom.
    Basically because you dont provide more information about the rom.

  9. my device is Hongmi 1SC (cdma version), would it works too? i have a ROM from OTA which using same version with WCDMA one. iโ€™m using v5 MIUI, what is the different between xx_JHBCxx and xx_jHCxx ? iโ€™m using the JHCxx now

    • hi, I don’t understand, are you using the WCDMA or the TD MIUI ROM? could you post a link to the ROM you currently have on your phone? Thanks.

  10. Arien says:

    We carefull, Hongmi 1S is NOT using Mediatek SOC but Snapdragon SOC.
    This mean ROMs from both devices will not be compatible between them.
    So, please take a look before flashing ROMs for 1S.

  11. Hi again, I was wondering what difference do your MIUI roms have to the official ROM that comes pre installed on the phone? Have you stripped it down or something?

    • the miui roms in my folder have a few apps removed and also the recovery. this way you don’t lose whatever custom recovery you have installed.

  12. leeks says:

    will your rom (particularly the AOSP / cyanogenmod) work on the Redmi (SG) edition? It’s the WCDMA version sold in Singapore.

    • In theory it should work, the WCDMA ROM. But I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t tried it. Sorry, I wouldn’t want you to brick your device.

      • leekslk says:

        no worries, I’ll try and get back to you. Worst case scenario I’ll revert to an old nandroid backup.

  13. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.

    I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new

  14. Rreot says:

    Hiya! Can you confirm that CyanogenMod from this links works on Redmi Note Enhanced (MTK 6592 4×1,7Ghz 2Gb ram) ? Do you think it’s worth sacrificing latest MIUI for the CM?
    I am so sorry to discover your blog and e-shop only after I already ordered smartphone and started to look after cyanogenmod. I will use your shop in future and recommend it to friends ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the side note : do you know when MediaTek will release kernels so overclocking MTK 6592 will be possible? 2,0Ghz looks nice.
    Side question 2 : by any chance, do you know anything about unblocking additional 3g ranges (850mhz and so on instead of default 900/2100)? I saw some xda posts concerning this issue but for older mtk’s chips.

    • hi mate, DO NOT FLASH any of these ROMs on your Redmi Note, you might end up bricking it.

      all the ROMs are only for the Redmi 1, they can’t be flashed on any other Redmi model.

      I don’t know anything about Mediatek and their customer service is not great, emailed them a while back asking about sources and other things and I got a “don’t worry about it” email. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I would not try to mess about with changing frequencies, and I don’t think it is just something that you can turn on or off. is your network only supporting 850 3g?

      thanks for the support

      • Rreot says:

        I didn’t flash with them. At worst, it would only soft-brick my phone, but in that case mediatek flashing tool could easily set it right back up. Not to mention that my hongmi note enhanced is on its way to me, so I couldn’t set my dirty hand on it anyway.

        Do you know any CyanogenMod build for hongmi note enhanced? Or any news/breakthroughs in regards to MTK 6592?

        Great blog m8, I see you care about comments and reply to them. Why isn’t your shop widespread around the web? I stumbled upon your blog when googling “hongmi note cyanogenmod” – and it was after I ordered phablet somewhere else :/ which I regret, not only I could support you, but also I could’ve get it cheaper (it’s still 5$ cheapers without coupon, with coupon 15$ save is sweeeet).

        Just so you know : whenever I stumble upon a chance to recommend a shop for xiaomi phones, I’d link the fuck out your shop, yo fokkin’ dizeerv it m8

      • hi mate, really thanking you for your support.

        I am in contact with a couple of Chinese developers and all they are working at the moment is MIUI based ROMs, as soon as I know something will get posted it here first.

        let me know if there is anything you or your friends are after, I can setup group buy deals. ๐Ÿ™‚ they will work out much, much cheaper .

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