Hongmi (RedRice) LENOVO VIBE ROM V1.0 (1413 DEV UPDATE)


ROM name VIBEROM_V1.0_1413_DEV (http://rom.lenovo.com/)

Android version 4.2.1

Based versions JHACNAH4.4

Test models Red rice phone (WCDMA)


 493238-281x500459423-281x500366935-281x500 377826-281x500    711003-281x500 723189-281x500

1. Lenovo boot animation and music

2. Speed/Data in Status Bar notification

3. Replace the storage location in the settings – to save phone memory

4. Added init.d boot and script support

5. Added V6 optimize power saving script

6. Added memory control optimization script

7. SD card optimization script

8. Added Sony V3 graphics engine

9. Added sdcardspeedfix script, optimizes sd card card reading speeds

10. Added MTKTweak script (CPU optimization)

11. Added busybox and Superuser

12. Added setperm

13. Other Tweaks

14. Added Sony Honami Keyboard


12 thoughts on “Hongmi (RedRice) LENOVO VIBE ROM V1.0 (1413 DEV UPDATE)

  1. turan says:

    I tried this but I think sensors are not working. I tried alson binbinshe’s latest developer edititon vibe rom, in that rom sensors are working but the keyboard is awful. I tried to install xperia keyboard but no luck. I hope I can find a stable vibe rom because its really good on this device.

  2. hi turan, I have uploaded binbinshe’s latest Vibe ROM to my MEGA RedMi Folder. I have included the Sony Keyboard and removed some useless app. Try it now!!

    P.S. The Vibe ROM in my MEGA folder is the 1409 one, not 1411. I am downloading of Baidu servers now and upload by end of today

  3. turan says:

    Let me try it today. By the way I found a samsung rom on miui.com I dont remember the link but interestingly there was video calling without internet on it. Many users in Bulgaria was waiting for it. So we understood that it is possible. Video calling without internet in hongmi is possible. The rom was really bad but I tried video calling without internet and succeed. I will let you know if I find the rom link again.

  4. Arien says:

    Hi again. Just trying it now, seems to be fine.
    Does anybody know if there’s any chance to edit the ROM to translate it to Spanish?
    I know there’re many apps to change the locale, but I’m not satisfied with their results.

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