Hongmi (RedRice) ColorOS 1.0



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1354380xr0ezgxffcy6rqr.png.thumb.jpg 135429kpzmow8p5pzd0l8d.png.thumb.jpg 135445dvrih7jvenu99zhr.png.thumb.jpg 135452apqu9xtuqvzq388y.png.thumb.jpg

1. Added ROOT authorization.

2. ColorOS 1.0 the latest stable version

3. ColorOS uses only the default phone storage, the path has been replaced with the SD card

4. Oppo browser installed. If you have FC BUG when downloading, press the Menu key in the browser interface – Settings – Save location – choose phone storage option

5. Developer Settings: in the Settings – About phone – More – Click the build version 6-7 times – Return – Go to Settings – More – you can see the new version

6. Restart BUG should be fixed.

7. Cleaned up some Chinese apps and installed Sony Honami Keyboard

OPPO ColorOS Highlights

Communication Center

Slide from left to right when dialing in the dial pad to send a message instead.

New incoming notification when you’re in an application.

Missed calls with only one dial tone are now labeled as “1 dial tone”.

New pop-up for missed calls with which you can quickly dial or send a message.

New pop-up for messages that allows you to reply easily without jumping into the Messaging app.

Four new dial pad tones (Piano, Guitar, Marimba, Electronic ). Have fun while dialing!

Group by time feature in Contacts which sorts them by the last time you contacted them.

When typing a new Message it will show the recent contacts so that you can add them quickly and easily.

A new way of adding emotions to messages, “Emotion radar”.

You now can stick messages on top from three selected contacts.

Smart layout of emails will help you to read your emails more comfortably.

With Handwriting mode, you can really WRITE your emails.

Desktop Center

Live Weather Wallpapers.

Exclusive Space – a new widget experience.

Redesigned notification center.

Media Center

You now can take photos during video recording.

Tap shutter in Camera.

Timeline viewing mode in Photos.

Size of pop-up video can now be adjusted with pinch-to-zoom.

Added gestures to Video to easily adjust volume and brightness.

System Center

More simple and consistent system controls.

Double tap on screen to wake it up.

Intelligent design to prevent misuse.

Tools Center

Alarm wallpapers

Guest mode

Holiday mode

Gesture screenshot


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