OPPO is recruiting Ambassadors once again


Back in January we had a bold idea of launching the first batch of the Ambassador Program which would enable 9 people from all over the world to become OPPO Ambassadors and translate the software running on the Find 5 to their native languages. We did this so that Ofans could feel right at home from the moment they first turned on their new OPPO devices. We believed they could do a great job and we were excited to start working with them.

Since the first batch of the program was a success, we decided to launch the second batch back in May to include 6 more languages. We received an unbelievable amount of applications and although it wasn’t easy to pick the best candidates, time has proved our choices to be just right as we’ve found great people to work with.

To strengthen our relationship with our Ambassadors and give something back in return for all their hard work, we invited all of them to Beijing, China to attend and take part in launching our latest flagship phone, the OPPO N1. See what our Ambassadors had to say about the launch in this video.

Today, we’re expanding the Global Ambassador Program to include 5 new languages and we’re also looking for a new French Ambassador since sadly, he is unable to continue assisting us with translations.

  • Romanian
  • Ukrainian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • French

You’ll be helping us translate ColorOS, our new software which will run on all our future devices, so by translating a set of strings you’re supporting a number of devices.


  • Early access to private Beta firmwares
  • Receive the latest flagship devices
  • One half price coupon per flagship (starting from N1)
  • Special forum title
  • Access to OPPO events
  • Access to confidential information (in near future, after an NDA is signed)
  • Be a part of a close knit circle, getting to know friends from all over the world
  • Be a part of the development of great products


  • You need to be at least 18 years old and to prove this we will need you to send us a copy of your ID, driving license, passport or student card (if it has a photo) that clearly states your name and date of birth. We will only use it to confirm you meet our requirements and it will be kept confidential.
  • You need to be able to have a few hours of free time every week.
  • You need to be able to communicate clearly in English.
  • You need to command written proficiency in your mother language. The better you are able to prove this, the higher your chances will be of being selected as an OPPO Ambassador.

How to apply:

  • Write a cover letter that includes the following info:
    • Brief introduction.
    • What is your understanding of OPPO?
    • Your history with technology.
    • Why do you want to be an OPPO Ambassador?
    • We only want the best. Why do you think you can do a good job? Do you have any related experiences? What jobs have you held before? Here, we want to see that you can complete your tasks and that you are reliable.
    • Include a photo of yourself if you want. We would love to get to know our ambassadors on a personal level.
  • Reply to this thread after sending in your application.

Send the information to adam@oppo.com with the subject “Ambassador application for X Language”, preferably in a PDF document and include your forum name in it. Applying through forums or via PM will not be accepted.

To be an OPPO Ambassador is free of charge, but there will be work (within reasonable limits) expected of you. We expect our Ambassadors to help us localize ColorOS to their local market, which includes a complete system language translation, product feedback and testing. We will only accept one ambassador from each location, and the ambassadorship lasts until the ambassador is terminated or resigns.

Once selected, OPPO Ambassadors will have access to the latest OPPO smartphones (OPPO N1 and beyond), OPPO goodies, unreleased firmware, direct contact with OPPO staff, company sponsored trips, and an important role in OPPO products.

New OPPO Ambassadors will be selected and announced on Wednesday, 27th of November, 2013.


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